Host family screening & matching

As the largest au pair agency in the world, Cultural Care Au Pair provides you with access to the largest number of host families in the USA. We carefully screen our host families to ensure that you will be happy and comfortable during your stay in the USA. Each host family must have excellent references and sign a binding contract to abide by the rules and regulations of the au pair programme. After checking references, our experienced staff conduct an in-home interview to confirm that the family meets all of our requirements.

Every host family is unique and we have families living all across the USA, each with a different lifestyle. Most live near a large city, but some live in urban or small town environments. One or both parents may work and the number and age of children varies from family to family. The one thing that they all have in common is the need for flexible childcare and a genuine interest in learning about a new culture, whilst teaching you about their own. Many of our families have hosted au pairs before and we’re proud of the fact that 70% of our host families repeat with Cultural Care Au Pair each year.

Cultural Care Au Pair's Matching System

Our matching process is based on the idea that both the family and the au pair have a chance to view information about each other, speak with each other and only when both sides are happy that they have found the right match do we finalise a placement.

Before any final decisions are made you will have the chance to review applications from host families, with the option to accept or decline any offers made by them. After you accept an offer from a host family your local Cultural Care Au Pair office will continue to work with you to prepare you for your au pair experience. 

While other au pair organisations rely on impersonal online systems to match you with a host family, we have experienced staff in the USA working directly with host families and au pairs. Our experience shows that this personal touch helps ensure the most successful match and the best possible programme experience. Would you fit better in an active family who loves sports and outdoor exercise, or is a quiet evening together watching a favourite family film more your speed? Our goal is to make a perfect match between you and the host family.