Cultural Care Au Pair

Work as an Au Pair in USA

For People aged 18-26 years

False Cultural Care Representatives


We would like to warn you that there have been cases of individuals who do not represent Cultural Care Au Pair contacting au pairs and saying that they are part of our matching process, for example via Facebook. Three warning signs for fraudulent behavior: A family contacting you without you being matched in your account - A family that is working with Cultural Care will never contact you unless you are matched in your account. If someone asks you to transfer money through Western Union - Cultural Care Au Pair does not use Western Union. If someone asks you to transfer money to an individual beneficiary - Cultural Care Au Pair will never ask you to transfer money to a private individual.

If any of these occur it is not a representative of Cultural Care Au Pair or a host family matching through us. If you do receive any requests like these please forward to Cultural Care Au Pair.